State Takes Over 11 Schools. Not Our State.

Imagine what would happen if the Governor announced that he, through ISBE, was taking over a dozen Chicago schools from the Board of Education for persistently low performance. 

Deliciously hard to imagine, I bet.  That's because, here in Chicago, the menu of options for low-performing schools includes (a) ignoring them because, well, you don't want to deal with them, (b) doing some sort of intervention that's not much different than what you did the year before (the LPA option), (c) handing them over to a new operator (Sherman ES-style), and (d) closing them for a year via Ren10.

Out there in Baltimore, however, there's another option on the table -- state takeover -- that's already allowable under the law, probably not all that different substantively from the options listed above, and has a whole different set of politics. 

I'm not saying it's the best idea since sliced bread, just that it'd be a delicious reversal to have the Board, long accustomed to taking things over itself, have someone else come in and do the same to them. 

Maryland Is First State to Take Over Failing Schools Under NCLB EdWeek
became the first state to use its authority under the No Child Left
Behind Act to seize control of failing schools when the state board of
education voted to take over 11 middle and high schools in Baltimore.

Bill Would Block State Takeover of Baltimore Schools BaltSun
Maryland General Assembly moved swiftly yesterday to block a
state-ordered seizure of 11 low-performing schools in Baltimore,
maneuvering in dramatic fashion to pass legislation by this weekend to
thwart the will of the State Board of Education.

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