State-Funded After School Grants Gone Awry

State after-school grants go to dubious programs, political supporters Chicago Tribune

Nearly half of the 48 groups that got money

this past school year were running dubious programs, or declined to

show how they spent the money. About a dozen of the grants went to

established programs with a history of tutoring or mentoring school-age

children. All of the questionable projects share the same

sponsor: West Side Sen. Rickey Hendon (D-Chicago), who awarded many

grants to campaign workers and donors, the investigation found.

Murderer, drug felons found working in tutoring programs Chicago Tribune

Reginald Akkeem Berry, convicted of the 1988 murder of a Chicago man,

said he didn't know that he had violated the contract. Berry, paroled

in 2006, said he taught teens to renounce violence through his Saving

Our Sons Ministries.

West Side's king of grants Chicago Tribune

Rickey Hendon is an unabashed cheerleader for bringing home the political pork.

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