Staffing Changes in BEW's Office

I have no idea what these staffing changes mean, but you guys
keep sending me this stuff so I guess it must be important.

According to an email sent to me from inside the system:

Lynne Moore (formerly at FRAC?) is now
BEW's Chief of Staff.

Ann Whalen is now a Deputy to the Chief
Education Officer focusing on the literacy and math departments, as well as the
"overall coordination and management of our citywide assessments, DIBELS and
Learning First."

Steve Eastwood continues as a Deputy
to the Chief Education Officer working on departmental performance management
and improvement, NCLB restructuring, IMPACT, and budgeting.

who can read these tea leaves, feel free to weigh in.  I don't know
Moore, or Whalen, or Eastwood.  And I don't know if there's been a lot
of turnover in the office, or who's left.  Anyone?

Feel free to write me, on or off the record:  Alexander

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