Special Ed Sub Scandal

Are special ed subs being used to staff schools and get around IDEA rules that would otherwise apply to permanent hires?A usually reliable reader says that CPS "has a lot of non-certified subs in special education and

saves money by overloading class rooms and by not assigning aides to the

children who need them. Non-ceritified teachers cannot complain-they are just

let go or they leave CPS. CPS has not published any vacancy lists in special education for years. CPS

even published a handbook for special education subs. This is one of CPS' dirty

little secrets--non-qualified teachers in special education. They can not test

children, advocate for the children or even sign the most basic IEP. NCLB rules

do not pertain to non-qualified special education teachers-parents do not

receive any letters like the parents of general education children


Sounds like a complaint for the OIG, right?

Another one, I mean.

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