South Loop: Everyone's Favorite School?

Everyone in the press seems to like South Loop -- in part because principal Pat Baccellieri isn't as hard to track down on the phone -- but I know that some folks in CPS and the community aren't as enthused.  Is it just the typical jealousy and rumor that comes when one school does better, or are there substantive reasons that South Loop shouldn't be seen as a success story?

South Loop School test scores jump again Chicago Journal
August 2002, when Patrick Baccellieri first took over as principal at
South Loop School, the state had recently released the results of its
annual Illinois Standards Achievement Test. During the 2001-02 school
year, only 31 percent of South Loop School students met or exceeded
standards on the test.  So
the news last week that, according to preliminary results, roughly 81.6
percent of South Loop School students met the state standards on this
year's ISAT test was music to Baccellieri's ears.

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  • Washington Irving Elementary School in the Tri Taylor UIC medical district.

    Strong LSC,good test scores, good teachers and a neighborhood school.

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