Sound Bites From Board Coverage

Check out these sound bites from different news sources covering the Board meeting yesterday:

"I can t think of a greater endeavor or something more important...than education" Huberman said.

Crowd boos new Chicago schools chief Tribune

"We need the parents to have the

right to speak what they want from their communities. Why should you

decide? You never even come and visit! What? Are you afraid to?" (Holmes teacher Daisy Sharp)

Schools Chief Hears from Protesters WBEZ

Blogger Alexander Russo discusses what Huberman is up against in his new role, and describes the strengths and weaknesses of Huberman and rival contender Barbara Eason-Watkins, who he refers to as the "sentimental favorite."

Challenges of Huberman's New Position WBEZ

"I'm sorry Watkins wasn't named CEO," said longtime parent activist

Wanda Hopkins, who attended the meeting to lobby against school

closings. "Maybe then we'd have a better chance."...

Huberman booed, Watkins cheered Catalyst

“I’m getting a University of Chicago masters on Chicago’s dime. Then,

after I get it, you’re going to tell me to get out!” says Daisy Sharp,

who teaches, math, language arts and social studies at Oliver Wendell


Huberman, Chicago Public Schools board, get an earful CTDN

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