Sneaky Uses For Everyday Things

This weekend event sounds like it might be fun:

Kenwood Academy graduate Cy
Tymony discusses and demonstrates Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things on
Saturday, December 9th at 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. at the Museum of Science
& Industry's "Big Idea" Science Store, 57th and Lake Shore Drive.
The event is free to the public.

"Learning science should be an adventure, not to
memorize and pass a test...Sneaky Uses for
Everyday Things is a science bestseller now in its 14th printing
(Sneakier Uses for Everyday Things is in its sixth). The books have a
science reuse and conservation theme illustrating how we can do more
than we think with what we already have. He reveals amazing stories, with posters, about
resourcefulness including: people who make boats made out of milk
cartons, the window washer who used a squeegee to save an elevator car
full of people on September 11, 2001, as well as the story of the
Colditz glider, an 18-foot airplane built by prisoners in a German war
camp out of materials scavenged from their beds and sleeping bags."

Watch for Cy Tymony on the WGN Morning News on Friday, December 8th and on NBC5 Morning News on Saturday, December 9th.Contact info: Cy Tymony Ph: (310) 542-1547 Email: Website:

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