Sibling Scandal Strikes City Lottery Program

Whistleblower found fake 'siblings' Sun Times

Magnet seats are so prized, Vaughn said, that if there were lots of

problems, Sullivan would be swamped with calls.

Read about how the whisleblower at Sabin was treated by CPS and his school. Check Sun Times chart (left) for sibling apps., and feel free to write in about this and other ways the lottery system might be broken. I can't believe that this has only happened once.

Magnet school staff member fired over lottery fraud Tribune

As the lottery for next school year approaches, Chicago Public Schools

Chief Arne Duncan said the incident last fall was isolated and parents

can trust the lottery system.

UPDATE: School scheme: 'How do they know it's isolated?' Sun Times

Chicago's magnet applications should be audited following revelations

that parents tried to clout their kids into one magnet school by

falsely claiming they had a child already enrolled there, the head of a

government watchdog group said Tuesday.

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