SES Czar Beth Swanson Calls Out Tutoring Providers for Cherry-Picking Students

Beth Swanson, who runs the CPS tutoring program among other things, is quoted towards the end of this weekend's NYT article (Tutor Program Offered by Law Is Going Unused) calling out private providers for not wanting to serve special ed, bilingual, and other special needs students:  "Typically, we do see that providers opt not to serve
those populations, and likely because they don't have the materials, expertise
or resources to do so." Go, Beth. 

For what the NYT article left out, see my other post:  Struggle Between SES Providers and School Districts Muted By USDE Turnaround on In-House Tutoring.

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  • This is the same Beth Swanson who protects the principal at Blaine School for MISMANAGEMENT of the School's Budget? The same Beth Swanson who is a parent at Blaine. Blaine also has CPS Atty's Laura Shayne who is also part of the coverup. ALL part of the "good old boy" dirty politics. No One will touch this school as far as a full audit to find out why there is SO much money in the 124/280 and Internal Accounts? Why is it not being spent? Do most schools hoard this much money $300K that comes from donations, gifts,grants and in-kind donations. They don't have it dedicated to anything. They just say, "Oh it's to pay bills we're waiting for" but won't give a list? Is this normal?

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