Senn Students Protest Friday & Saturday

Check out the email below if you want to know about a couple of protest events related to Senn HS and the referendum on the 21st.

Jamiko Rose                                                  Liz Caldwell
O.N.E.  Organization of the NorthEast               Vote Yes 48   
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Maria Salgado
Senn High School Senior
Christine Godoy
Senn High School Sophomore
Senn High School Students Take Their Message to The Neighborhood:
Vote Yes On Referendum !
Students Demand Public Debate on Military Academy at  Senn
WHO:  Senn High School members of Voices of Students a group with a mission to build and maintain student power on issues affecting youth.
WHAT: Students will be assembling at Senn and going out into the surrounding precincts, canvassing their neighbors, providing them with information and literature about the upcoming election on March 21st and the Referendum they support. Many were among the hundreds of students who staged a walkout at Senn in December of 2004 on the very day the Board of Education was voting on the military academy.
WHERE: Main Entrance of Senn High School 
` 5900 N. Glenwood
WHEN: Friday, March 17th at 3:15 PM
  Saturday, March 18th at 10:00 AM
On election day voters in the 48th Ward will have the opportunity to vote yes or no on a referendum that asks "Shall the Chicago Board of Education establish a formal process to receive community input regarding removal of the Rickover military academy at Senn High School?" 
The Students at Senn have the most at stake here. That's why they're taking their message to the street and doing some old fashioned Chicago-style precinct work. 
Voices of Students will be informing their neighbors that the Senn Local School Council voted unanimously to oppose a military academy and asked for community input and that Alderman Mary Ann Smiths own Senn Tomorrow Committee voted 14 to 2 to postpone the military academy until there could be community input.
The Chicago School Board believes that the military brings resources to Senn.  Many students don't see it that way.  The academy has taken over 14 classrooms, a gym and a lab and 18 teachers have been lost resources that have been taken away from the students at Senn.
"It's hurtful and totally wrong for people to say kids like us need the military academy's influence," says Maria Salgado , a Senn High School senior.  "The only "influence" has been loss of resources."
"This is a remarkable and diverse student body.  The student body represents more than 65 countries of origin.  Learning about and embracing other cultures has been a significant strength.  Senn was one of only a handful of schools selected by the Corporation for Community Service for national recognition - more than 1,000 students have donated mote than 37,000 hours of community service," says Jamiko Rose of O.N.E., Organization of the NorthEast, an agency dedicated to building a successful multi-ethnic, mixed-economic community on the northeast side of Chicago.
On March 21st the Senn High School students will be watching the election returns closely, knowing their work has directly impacted voters and hoping they have impacted the future of Senn High School as well.

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