(Senator?) Madigan Honors AUSL Program

Lisa Madigan 2.JPG

Some small number of folks like to slam AUSL for ... I forget ... but meantime the organization is gaining recognition and support all over the place. Obama loves them, the NY Times profiled one of its schools a few weeks ago, and earlier this month Lisa Madigan -- who may end up Senator Madigan -- spoke at the AUSL graduation.

Madigan spoke to 68 AUSL candidates at the Chicago Academy, one of six AUSL training sites.

"AUSL has trained over 300 new teachers through its residency
program, and boasts an impressive teacher retention rate. Over 87 percent of AUSL
graduates are still working in education and 83 percent are still working at

So they're not straight out of college, and they're trained a full year by a CPS teacher, and they seem to stay in CPS.  What's the problem with AUSL then?  Oh yeah, they do that turnaround thing. 


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  • I'm guessing this is a long-answer question, seeing as you're writing a book about turnaround schools, but what do you think of AUSL? I've been thinking about their program... Perhaps you'll think I'm evil for thinking of joining the darkside? I'd be interested to hear your take.

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