Selective Enrollment Countdown

SE acceptance notes go out a week from Friday. Good luck!

But what to do if you find out your kid hasn't gotten into any of the selective enrollment high schools that they wanted to go to? Send them to Lindblom Math and Science, according to an email that was passed along to me that is apparently going around recently to elementary school principals and counselors:

"If any of your current eighth graders were not accept by their top four selective enrollment high schools and have the total points of 780 or above, please have them consider Lindblom Math & Science Academy as an alternative choice."

Lindblom is having a meeting on Saturday February 28th from 9:00am--11:00am.

Is this type of recruitment note common these days? Is it considered kosher to list a minimum score? Where do parents whose kids don't get into their top four usually try and send their kids -- where do SE close miss kids go? Also -- have the recent changes to the SE program -- changes in points for attendance, and ratification of the 5 percent principal's discretion -- had any noticeable effect on the process?

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