Searching For Solutions: A Columnist's Version Of "What Works"

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Like many others, Pulitzer prize winning Miami Herald columnist Leonard Pitts (who also wrote the book Becoming Dad, left) eventually got sick of hearing about problems related to poverty and kids, and starting looking for solutions. 

On NPR's Talk Of The Nation (listen here), Pitts talks with Neil Conant about programs he's found -- some new, some familiar (ie, Harlem Children's Zone) -- and takes listener calls about their ideas.Or, read the first couple of his columns here:  Finding what works for kids, and What works

As you might expect, not all the programs are proven, replicable, or politically viable, but the desire for solutions is completely understandable, and some of the ideas may be new or eye-opening. 

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  • Can you name me any educational program here on planet earth that is "proven, replicable, and politically viable?"

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