SchoolMatters vs. ISBE -- Which Website Is Better?

If negotiating around the ISBE website isn't your idea of fun, check out the recently-updated profile of Illinois, which just added 0405 results.  The data, prepared by a division of Standard & Poor's, isn't necessarily anything you may not have seen before, but it's laid out pretty easily and is -- for testing data -- much more bearable to read.  It includes for example a comparison of ISAT and NAEP results,and dropout rates ranging from 70 to 85 percent depending on your calculation methods. There's state and district data, and lots of tabs to choose from.

How interesting that only 29 percent of IL 8th graders are considered proficient in math on NAEP, while 54 percent of them pass the ISAT.  Who knew that IL would have to make just under 4 percentage points progress in reading and math to meet NCLB requirements each year?

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