School Trends From Elsewhere

It's not about CPS, but that doesn't make it uninteresting:

Making a difference amid a school's culture of cruelty CSM
Anger is the unofficial mascot at my school...The acts of grace I've glimpsed, however, give me hope that the struggle against cruelty is well worth waging.

Diversity sours at Lakeside Joanne Jacobs
A push for diversity has backfired at a posh Seattle private school that happens to be the alma master of Bill Gates.

Views of Parents, Students and Teachers Sought NYT
New York City’s Department of Education has begun a $2 million citywide survey concerning attitudes about the public schools.

Barely Legal Field Trip Action The Chalkboard
Matthew Carr, Jay Greene, and Marc Holley look at field trips gone wild in the latest City Journal. Remember all this crazy stuff is going on in a nation where all we supposedly do from September to July is teach to the test.

Creeping Big Brotherishness TQATE
Objectively speaking, I'm sure that new tools like Edline, which gives parents up-to-the-minute information about their children's academic progress--class attendance, quiz grades, the whole megillah--are probably a good thing. in high school


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  • I am with you on Edline! Edline and programs like it promote the helicopter parent while keeping the student from assuming responsibility.

    Students know how they're doing. Parents can call, email, etc.

    Sometimes grades are subjective, too. If a child has a parent in a horrible car accident and does not turn anything in for two weeks, the actual grades might reflect something other than the student deserves.

    Teachers should have that ability to make professional decisions. Edline seeks to make grades all numerical.

    It's an outgrowth of our NCLB culture.

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