School Security Back in the Spotlight

School shootings in Pennsylvania and Colorado have prompted education offcials to make school security a top priority - again.  Check out the Tribune's coverage:

Lawmaker: Teachers need guns
A state lawmaker suggested arming teachers, principals and other school personnel as a safety measure and a deterrent.

St. Charles, West Chicago schools beef up security
At least two more local school districts have emphasized steps they have taken or are taking to increase security after recent shootings at schools in Pennsylvania and Colorado.

Police chiefs discuss school safety plans
Prompted by a series of recent school shootings across the country, police chiefs from six south suburban villages met this week to discuss rapid response strategies.

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  • The problem with using the violence argument (that the receiving schools will have more violence) is that it then looks as though you are giving gangbangers control. We can't close this school because the gangbangers won't let us just doesn't resonate with people.

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