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Yahoo! Real Estate has a pretty interesting feature that lets you plug in an address or cross street, see the schools that are in the neighborhood, and get some info about them.  For example, here's the view of my old Wicker Park neighborhood, 60622:  School Information, Reviews and more!

There are other sites that let you do this, but this one seems easy to use and fairly clear.  It includes public and private schools, and tells you what you're looking at when you mouse over the school icon.  Each school profile has information from, and - -the best part -- parent reviews.

Not every school has many reviews, nor current ones -- this is a function that I'd love to create here on the site for both parents and teachers and community members to share ideas -- but it's better than nothing.  Here are the reviews about Pritzker, one of my favorite schools in transition. (For previous mentions of Pritzker on this site, go here or just plug the name into the search bar down and to the left).

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  • I think that is a good idea.

    I have learned much from the NPN discussion board and GreatSchools about CPS

    Funny, someone on this blog said it was easy to sit in on a class or get a tour of a school to get a better feel for it. Ha!

    I have emailed schools (Suder and Talcott) to name a few. It seems that some of these schools have a code of secrecy. To say the least it is not easy to get information. I have actually waited outside some of these schools to talk to parents as they were picking up their kids just to get some insight into the schools.

    It would be great to get some insight from teachers and parents on this site.

  • When you have a 4 year old child and you are about to make a commitment to a school for the next 8 years you need to know more then just stats!

    I want to know if the Principal is a hack or is he/she a progressive, out of the box thinker.

    I want to know if the Principal has a good working relationship with his/her staff.

    I want reviews of teacher performance.

    I want to know if teachers are nurturing.

    I want to know if they have an active LSC and PTA

    I want to know if parents do fundraising or volunteer.

    I want to know if the school is open to parent involvment.

    I want to know so many things it would make your head swirl.

  • I get frustrated with the people that answer the phones at at some of these schools. They don't want to be bothered with a few questions or they don't have the correct answers.

    Thanks for the information posted. I will put it to good use.

  • Some of these suggestions have already proved helpful. I looked into the SIPAAA plan of the schools I was interested in. It gives a vision/mission statement along with the strenghts and weaknesses of the school. Talcott's was very helpful.

    Since there is not much data on the new montessori schools does anyone have an opinion on Drummond or Suder?

  • Hey, can someone answer my question about the montessori public schools that have opened up in the last couple of years.

  • Thank You

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