School Closings, Mid-South And Elsewhere

Even though the school closing process seems to have shuddered to a halt this year -- for at least a little while longer -- the impact of the past closings remains a hotly contested issue.  Here's a copy of the report on Ren10 that was mentioned in Roz Rossi's Sun Times story earlier this week, sent to me by its lead author, UIC's Pauline Lippman:  Mid-South Initial Report 13107.pdf

As some have noted, it was done in conjunction with KOCO, though that in and of itself doesn't mean very much.  The main function of the report seems to be documenting the disruption
in MidSouth due to school closings over the past three years. I did notice that the report downplays the fact that most of the 12 schools
closed in Mid-South were closed before 2004, not since.  For previous posts and comments about Mid-South look here

Most important, how are the kids from last year's closings doing at their new schools, and how are the schools that took them in?  There was supposed to be more training and support for receiving schools this year.  Which schools, if any, do you will be announced as closing at the end of this year?

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