School Closings And Exemptions, Then & Now

Just out of curiosity, I took a look at how this year's academics-based school closings compared to the past -- it's an interesting list to look at from afar.  Here's what I came up with (I think it's right -- let me know if I missed anything or got the years wrong):

In 2006 (4):  Frazier, Morse, Farren, and Collins HS*
In 2005 (4):  Bunche, Grant, and Howland,
plus Englewood HS.
In 2004 (0):  However, 10 were closed for low enrollment.
In 20032 (3): Dodge, Williams, and Terrell
   *Plus the KIPP school at Williams, Sherman being handed over to CAUSL, and Carver.

What's even more interesting, however, is realizing that only one of this year's four was on the exemptions list last year. There are lots of schools that fail the academic criteria but are exempted for other reasons.  Last year's list is pretty illuminating.  This year's is on its way. 

In fact, there were 23 other schools last year that failed to meet the academic criteria for remaining open (pretty similar to this year) but were exempted for other reasons.  (I don't yet have the equivalent list for this year, but I've asked for it.)

Of those 23 who came close to being closed last year, only one of them -- Morse --  got de-exempted and is going to be closed at the end of this year. 

Interesting, right? Twenty-two others were exempted for various reasons -- and not on the closed list this year:  Seven schools (Bethune, Harvard, Lathrop, McNair, Nash, Paderewski,and
) were exempted becuase they had a principal who was relatively new.  Three schools (Burke, Delano, and Medill) were exempted because they were CTU Partnership schools (now called Fresh Start).  Three schools (Dewey, Henderson, and Mason) were exempted for lack of nearby options (a policy I vehemently objected to at the time since it meant isolated schools would be last to be closed). Two schools (DePriest and Schiller) were exempted because closing them would have required children to move twice in two years. Morse was exempted becuase it'd only been on probation a year.

It'll be interesting to see if any of the same names show up on this year's exempted list. And wouldn't it be interesting to find out how the kids from the past three years of closings are doing, too?

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