School Closings 2002: How It All Began

I was reminded over the weekend by a knowledgeable person that way back in 2002 there were 7 other schools that failed to meet the academic criteria like Dodge, Williams, and Terrell.  Officially, at least, these 7 were exempted for a variety of criteria.  Howland, Bass, and Bethune were exempted for lack of a close (non-bus) option.  Paderewski, Fulton, and Donoghue were exempted for having new principals as of the summer of 2001.  Schiller was exempted because it wasn't yet on probation, somehow. 

Some of them have since been closed -- Howland in 2004, Bethune as well if my commenter below is correct.  Donoghue (thanks, LV!).  Others? Clearly, I need a year by year list of schools that were closed and exempted.  I made one last year but I can't find it.  Got one?

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  • That's what I would be most interested in seeing as well: A coherent, comprehensive listing of school closings and re-openings. If you get one, please share with us. I think many folks would be interested.

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