School Closing Goes Downstate

Holy Paul Vallas! 

Could CPS really have botched its school closing process so badly that the legislature (or even the city council) is going to constrain its power over low-performing schools? 

Or, are legislators merely showboating for their constituents, without any real intention of forcing changes in the closing process?

Expanding on some of the news reported in a recent pro-closing Tribune editorial, this month's letter from Catalyst editor Veronica Anderson suggests that tempers may still be hot in Springfield among some of the legislators whose schools have been closed.

Looking at it from the other side are activists like Derrick Harris who believe that Senator Hendon and others are simply showboating for the cameras.  (By the way, Harris and I finally arranged for me to get a copy of the famous Edna's tape, which I've viewed and soon hope to put up on this site.  It's old news in some ways, and not really conclusive, but it's a slice of life, as my dad used to say.)

Why the furor has been so great this year, compared to the past, isn't entirely clear.  It doesn't seem obvious that the Board's closings process has gotten worse, but its intergovernmental affairs office seems to have dropped the ball in a big way.  Perhaps this is some perfect storm -- a combination of factors including the fact that it's an election year, the cumulative frustration and anger some folks feel about past closings and the Ren10 process, etc. 

Perhaps, some will amost certainly say, it's a sign of decreased power -- Duncan's, Scott's, or even the Mayor's.

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