Schmidt Speaks: Holed-Up Holden Students

The irrepressible George Schmidt reports in with news about possible roof collapses at Holden -- anyone know more about this?

"I assume that you've heard, despite the fact that it isn't "news" for our
corporate media, that Holden elementary school (1104 W. 31st St.) in Chicago was
evacuated last Friday on short notice, with the school's 650 children
dispersed (Friday, during the snow storm) to Armour, Armour Branch, and Healy. The
worry was that the heavy snow predicted would collapse the roof, which has
"timber support problems."

"I also assume your sources have let you know that yesterday the Board
reopened the old Farren Elementary School for the Holden students, and that the
students and teachers are now trying to set up inside Farren, which was stripped by
the locusts of one of the charter schools (I believe, Chicago International,
Shabaaz campus, but haven't confirmed that yet) after Duncan closed Farren.

"The reason for the evacuation was that Duncan never dealt with the weakened
roof over the 1893 Holden building, despite putting up miles of "wrought iron"
fencing around hundreds of public schools during the days when those contracts
were going to Tru Link (Levine).

"The priorities of the capital program are still a mess, but this is one of
the most dramatic examples of the dangerous incompetence and indifference to
inner city kids of the Daley miracle management team during the past week. The
example of the indifference to adults was the story about the mailing of the
125-page list of 1,736 addresses (with Social Security numbers) by the privatized
printer All Printing two weeks ago. But by now that's old news, while the
Holden school story still isn't "news" at all to Chicago's corporate narrators."

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