Scheduling Snafus Interview

Computer_crashEarlier this week, did an hour on the FUBAR scheduling going on at Wells among other places, including interview with kids at the school, David Gilligan, and me:

"Students at Wells High School walked out in early October, saying their schedules had been messed up since the school year started. After the protest, school district officials got the problem solved super-quick, and the district's high school czar told us that the district's new, computerized attendance system was not a problem at other schools. "If this was happening elsewhere," he said, "you would've heard about it." So we asked Alexander Russo Russo, who runs District 299, a blog about the Chicago Public Schools where lots of teachers and parents contribute, whether this was such an isolated incident. He laughed. And then explained what he thinks is going on."

Now you can hear it online: Maybe "mistakes" happened elsewhere too? | Vocalo.

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