SAT 10 Summer Scare Scenario

Two little mysteries for your consideration (while we wait to find out just how many central office and AIO types are going to get fired and what the new world order is going to look like on Clark Street):

First, I'm hearing contradictory things about the 2009 SAT 10 scores (which are part of the ISATs) -- first that they are generally good (eight years of increasing scores!) and then that they aren't (summer school for everyone!). I hear from one school about kids -- nearly all of them -- with SAT 10 scores way down. Yikes. What's the word at your school?

Second, there's apparently some fine print in a recently-revised Board promotion policy that I can't find that allows CPS to use either 2009 or 2008 scores to make promotion decisions, depending on which is higher. Using last year's scores means that fewer kids have to go to summer school, which saves summer school money.

Can anyone confirm? Does this make any sense? Got any documentation to share? Post what you know here or send it to me at

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