Sad About Rito

It was an open secret that Rito Martinez lived outside the city -- commenters mentioned it all the time on this blog.

To some his principalship at one of the four Little Village high schools was problematic -- a sign of favoritism, racism, or simple unfairness.

To others, Martinez's situation was just another example of how impossible and unfair Chicago's residency requirement was -- forcing educators to live in the city or to lie about where they really lived.

[UPDATE: The WBEZ story says that Martinez moved to Oak Park to get better services for his son, who has Down's Syndrome.]

Now that the news is officially out and Martinez has announced his resignation, what do you think? Is it only fair that he be forced to live inside city limits like everyone else? Or is this something that hurts the kids more than anyone else?

This morning at least, the announcement makes me more sad than anything else -- sad that Martinez lied, sad for the kids and teachers at the school who will feel betrayed and have to revamp for next year, and sad that Chicago has this unusual and hard-to-defend law.

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