Running For The Exits?

No one's done it quite as dramatically or publicly as the Clemente principal who, caipirinha in hand, resigned from Brazil earlier this week (great story by Roz Rossi in the ST below), but rumor has it that there are a handful of senior staffers at the Board who are either on their way out or being moved around. 

Perhaps this is in anticipation of the much-anticipated internal reorganization of the Board that's being worked on.  Perhaps it's just a good time to go.  Perhaps it's nothing more than the usual revolving door.  After all, we've seen a lot of faces come and go or change hats over the past few years:  Mancuso, Almendarez, Martin, Maiorca, Azcoitia, Bertani, Richmond. 

Still, if you know anything about these moves or have a spare copy of the reorg, you know where to send it:  Alexander 

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