Running Against Sitting LSC Members At Kinzie

There are a slew of schools with competitive LSC elections, but in at least some cases those candidates who are running against sitting LSC members feel like they're fighting an uphill battle. From a reader:

"Please take a look at the April news letter for Kinzie school

As LSC candidates, we feel that it the school is backing the current

LSC candidates. Also the news letter tries to discredit some of the

candidates with no obvious proof of the allegations Kinzie speaks of.

As candidates we feel that this news letter could significantly alter

the results of the 2008 Kinzie LSC Election. Even though the letter

does not state any candidate names, some staff members have verbally

named these candidates to Kinzie Parents. It is no secret we are the

candidates that the news letter tries to discredit. The letter also

states people should "elect the candidates that you feel will

continue to push Kinzie forward in a positive, respectful, and

supportive manner." By inserting the word continue we

feel Kinzie school wants you to vote for current LSC members. By

sending this letter out to the families of over 700 students , it has

damaged the chance of a fair election. We as mature candidates know

these accusations are lies, however we do not have the resources of

using school news letters to clear our good names. I just

thought you may want to know how new parental involvement is received

at Kinzie School. We feel as we are being harassed so that we drop out

of the election-that will not happen. We will not be intimidated to

stop being involved parents. Parents who are concerned at Kinzie

school are seen as a bother. They are labeled trouble makers with

alterior motives. We the candidates are not the only ones who feel like

this, others are just afraid to speak out due to the fact that they

have seen the obvious retaliation through the years. The school will

say that parental involvement is huge, why then does no one ever

attend the LSC meetings unless there is controversy? I only hope that

the rumor we heard about the staff recruiting people to go the LSC

forum with the intention to try humiliate us is not true. However if it

is true, we are confident that we will still prevail. Thank you for

your time."

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