Riled Up At Ravenswood - New Principal Ousted

According to a Ravenswood parent who wrote in, "a weak turnout at an LSC election nearly 2 years

ago offered up 20 votes and a business-as-usual LSC consisting of 2

entrenched teacher reps (over a decade), 6 parent reps, 2

compassionate, well-meaning community members......and a principal who

was voted out of a job by a 6-4 vote in a rushed meeting last week."

Apparently the school has experienced an influx of middle class parents, attracted in part by new principal Erin Roche (pictured), a former Sabin and Telpochcalli teacher and New Leader trainee whose contract was not renewed despite high parent survey approval ratings last year. At issue is the usual stew of tensions around race, income, and Title I funding. Four parents joined the teacher reps to oust Roche, I'm told.

Anyone know anything more, or have anything to say about this? Has a CPS school ever gone through gentrification without major collateral damage? Nettlehorst? South Loop? Pritkzer? Sabin? It seems like things almost invariably go bad, at least partially, as things might just be getting better. Or maybe I'm just noticing the occasional flareups of an otherwise successful process.

There's apparently an LSC meeting coming on Thursday at 5:50 for Ravenswood Elementary.

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