Restructuring Sherman -- Is It Working?

Want to know what happens at a low-performing school where new staff gets brought in but the kids remain the same?  Check out Stephanie Banchero's big three-parter in the Tribune, which focuses in depth on a group of 8th graders and a veteran teacher in Room 301. 

Part 1:  They needed a lifeline and found a teacher.
Part 2: Teacher, kids connect, but pressure takes toll
Part 3:  Sweating out final days

I laughed.  I cried. Good reading, plus lots of video and pics. 

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  • IMPACT doesn't suck. The Board's implementation of IMPACT sucks.

  • "And most of Sherman's 8th graders did better after a year with Apostolos than they had the year before. When they were in 7th grade, 37 percent of Sherman students passed the reading exam; as 8th graders, 52 percent passed. In math, 32 percent passed in 7th grade compared with 40 percent in 8th grade a year later."

    This is the most important part of the story. A real gain was made by this student body. George, I know you have an issue with teacher bashing, but in this case, could you say that the teachers the years before for these students did not do as good of a job as Ms. Apostolos?

    The only problem I see is that if it takes a super-dedicated workaholic teacher to make these kind of gains, where are they going to come from and you are going to need an infinite supply of them if they burn out every year. I don't therefore see it as a reproducible model.

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