Requested Test Score Data

The call for data in the charter school conversation below has been answered, in part at least, by a reader who sends in the attached spreadsheet showing test score data for all schools for 2007. Isat_all_schools_2007_by_grade_level.xls


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  • Differentiated teaching is often a joke. What it usually means is that the teacher teaches to the middle, gives extra attention to the behind students and the bright ones are left to their own devices or even worse, pressured into tutoring the behind students. There is no way that a class should have students straddling from 2nd grade level to 12th. No teacher can competently teach such a wide range of abilities without at least 2 aides, and even then I'm not so sure.

  • It was Kugler who stated that he had students ranging from 2nd through 12th grade of ability. I believe he teaches shop classes, which must be even harder because they tend to be less structured (students have to do their projects after all) and obviously dangerous tools are going to be necessary (unless he teaches drafting--though one of the worst work injuries I ever got was from a protractor that slipped and impaled my hand).

    My sample set is from my experiences as a student and from reading and hearing about the experiences of other people as students. Also the occasional radio segment on NPR about schools.

    I distinctly remembered being bored silly while the instructor went over the material 2 or 3 times because some of the slow students couldn't grasp it. It was frustrating and left me with a bit of bitterness toward an educational system that so ignored the range of abilities and talents. I was in that bubble of time where they had stopped officially tracking students by ability and then I was still in high school when they started re-doing it by other means (honors programs, remedial courses...).

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