Report Ranks Chicago Sites

A new report (PDF)
out from the Community Media Workshop ranks local sites that are
providing public interest news, including some that include education

1.   Chi-Town Daily News

6.   WBEZ Chicago Public Radio

7.   Chicago Parent

8.   Catalyst Chicago

12. The Beachwood Reporter

14. Chicago Defender

15.  District 299

16. The Chicago Reporter

I've got some questions about how the report was pulled together
(CTDN seems an unlikely number one, and WBEZ seems like a mainstream
not a niche site) but I'm glad there's some attention being paid and
that this site was included.

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  • Hey George, Alexander, just a quick note to respond (sorry to be so slow in doing so). First, George, Substance totally belongs on that list. If you would be willing to take the survey, it's still open at and of course we'll update and share new information as we go along. Also, our methods of contacting folks are detailed beginning on p. 20 of the report. Finally, please come visit my blog for a roundup of general reaction to the report, at and thanks!

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