Reorg Keeps Trickling Out: Level 3

As requested, I got my hands on some more reorg information (Download layer_3.ppt). 

What I see from this is that (a) they're still looking for a chief of staff, (b) SPED and Grant-Mitchell now have an office back, in elementary at least, (c) the number of direct reports to Arne is, fairly predictably, growing (I count 11 reports so far), (d) however "enterprise services" is gone (to Runcie, it looks like), (e) there's still no one named for high school curriculum or Lord of AIOs (made that title up) but Alson is in there under Pittman (dotted line), (f) Xavier Botana is now head of instruction and assessment for elementary schools while Bugler does research and evaluation, but BEW doesn't have a slot for someone riding herd over her AIOs like Pittman does.

What else?  What am I missing?

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