Ren10 Transfer Out Rates Half Of Other Schools

Lost in all the hullabaloo surrounding Hosanna Mahaley Johnson's departure announcement was the information she provided that Ren10 schools have roughly half the percentage of kids who transfer out during the year compared to regular schools, and also that Ren10 lotteries are public and audited (unlike magnet and selective enrollment, I think). 

If only 7 percent of kids are transferring out during the year from Ren10 schools, compared to 14 percent citywide, doesn't that suggest that long-standing reports of kids and parents being counseled out of charter schools (to bolster test scores, it's often said) might be exaggerated?

I'm working on getting the school by school stats so we can look at them in detail.


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  • I do agree with George that it is not fair to directly compare the Charters and the regular neighborhoods without noting the caveats that the Charters probably have more organized families than the neighborhood schools. However, I think that this is one reason that Charters should exist, to give a choice to the families that are organized enough to seek out alternatives that may better serve their children.

  • Feb 27, 2007 10:55,

    What about the other students served by the Charter school? If only 2% of the students from closed schools go to Charters, what about the rest of the Charter students? Don't they come from other schools in CPS thus leaving room in those schools for more students? Don't the families that opt for Charters deserve some respect for the choices they are making with regards to their children?

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