Ren10 Goes Vocational: Community Services West Career Academy

The start of the school year means the start of education articles from

Medill Reports, the Northwestern University j-school news outlet.

The latest article reminds us that 76 new schools have been opened under

Renaissance 2010, including 21 this year. The article focuses on Community

Services West Career Academy, a new contract school in Lawndale with a culinary focus that features a flexible schedule and college credit options -- apparently the first vocational school started under Ren10.

The piece focuses mostly on the

controversial school closings that are part of Ren10 --of which there

were 10 in 2008, according to the article. CPS has always wanted to focus on the new schools piece, not the closing old schools piece. The article also cites a 2008

study by the RAND Corporation that apparently found no creaming or

performance advantages for kids entering charter schools. I hadn't seen that one. Last but not least, the

article identifies four priority areas for Ren10 schools in the

future: East Garfield Park, West Garfield Park,

South Shore and South Chicago.

As is the fashion these days, there are print and video elements. As

is often the case, the print and video segments tell somewhat different


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