Recruiters Reined In At Amundsen & Young

From Teachers for Social Justice: "A new CPS Board policy on recruitment was recently passed in

January 2008 because of strong organizing from the anti-military

recruitment community. It sets clear rules regarding recruiter access

to schools and school events. It places limitations on more aggressive

recruitment methods and prohibits situations in which students may be

compelled to listen to recruiters' sales pitches or participate in

recruiter led activities. It also provides for equal access for

counter recruiting groups which have supplemental information about

the realities of military service and information about other post

secondary employment, education, and career choices. Unfortunately, it

does not limit the number of times recruiters may visit any particular

school. Teachers, parents, and activists have begun monitoring schools

for compliance with the new policy. As a result, they have stopped

allowing military recruiters to run gym classes at Amundsen HS and

have gotten military recruitment posters removed from Amundsen andWhitney Young. Now they are targeting posters at Senn."

For TSJ-provided information on what to do if you see a violation of the new recruiting policy, click below.

Teachers who are aware of violations of the new policy should

contact the Board legal department to request enforcement:

Lee Ann Lowder

Deputy General Counsel

Board of Education of the City of Chicago

Law Department

125 South Clark Street, 7th floor

Chicago, Illinois 60603


Teachers with questions about the new recruiter policy can view

it on line:

Teachers may also consult the American Friends Service

Committee's Truth in Recruiting Program for advice and support in

interpreting the policy and making plans to bring in qualified counter


Darlene Gramigna

Program Director

637 S. Dearborn, Ste. 3

Chicago, IL 60605

Phone: 312-427-2533 x17

Fax: 312-427-4171

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