Reacting To "I'm Pregnant"

Okun11173"It happens too often," writes Will Okun in his latest post about teaching on Chicago's West Side (here). "A female student approaches my desk, says "Mr. Okun?," and and whispers the two words no adult wants to hear from a teenager: "I'm pregnant."

Okun goes on to describe his feelings about this commonplace occurrence and to cite some rough stats about teen pregancy: "Almost 60 percent of teens with a school-age pregnancy drop out of high school. Seventy-five percent of unmarried teen mothers begin to receive welfare within five years of their first child. Almost 80 percent of fathers to children with teen mothers will not marry the mothers and will pay less than $800 annually in child support."

Is there more or less teen pregnancy in your school/community? How well or poorly does CPS support pregnant teens?

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