Rash of Bedbugs Heading to CPS Schools?

Everything you need to know about bedbugs that may be headed your way soon:

According to this post in Chicagoist (Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite)the bugs are infesting upscale/highly traveled spots, aren't hurt by gel used to get cockroaches, and -- I didn't know this -- aren't infectious or related to germs. 

"These little creepy-crawlies
aren't attracted to filth; they head for carbon dioxide, meaning
they're up for any slack-jawed sleeping humanoid, no matter how tidy.
They hide in the nooks and crannies of sheets, mattresses, pillows,
night stands, etc, and feed on your blood at night. They hide during
the day, so your only chance of spotting them are blood spots they
leave behind, or yes, the brown trails of fecal stains. Awesome."

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