Racists Everywhere

Cepeda_estherMy recent post about a Mexican-American columnist from LA who answers curious and ignorant questions from Anglos and others has generated some heated comments -- including a call to take down the post or else.

Who knows, maybe there'll eventually be a hunger strike or something.

There's also a comment about Esther Cepeda (pictured right), the Sun Times columnist who one reader thinks is trying to be a female version of The Mexican -- and failing.  Check out some of her columns here and see if you agree.

In the meantime, two Chicago columnists are going at it over racism, according to The Reader's Michael Miner:  Mitchell v. Steinberg:  "Who's the racist? Sun-Times columnists mix it up."

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  • Is it possible for those who are posting to consider being honest before bashing the politician or politicians that they do not like?

    Munoz did not determine where the boundaries would be. The Board of Education decided those details. As the Alderman whose ward the school was being built, he probably was informed and given very little input in the boundaries. Perhaps someone should ASK the Board of Education or Alderman Ricardo Munoz how the high school boundaries were decided before they post lies.

    Also, Ald. Munoz did not have any role in his father's business. Ald. Munoz was quoted on Channel 2 News as disproving his father's business working with the fake identification enterprise in his interview with Pam Zekman last year. How can he have covered it up if he disproved of it? Was Rick Munoz both in favor and against what his father was doing? He publicly said that what his father was doing was wrong then and afterward he never covered anything up.

    Rick Munoz supported the hunger strike. No one was being told to do anything on his behalf. Ask people who were involved and they will give you an earful.

  • Ruth Love was hired by Jane Byrne in 1981.

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