Race Pressures Over Who Holds the Top Jobs

Apparently, Mayor Daley doesn't have enough African-Americans in top city jobs these days:  Fewer blacks fill key city jobs.
"Mayor Daley has been under intense pressure to replenish a City Hall
Cabinet that once had 11 Hispanics and now has just four."

What about at CPS? 

For now, at least, we don't know.  The ST piece gives interesting stats but doesn't mention
the Board.  It may or may not include top officials there.  (People
keep trying to explain to me that CPS is still somewhat separate from
City Hall when it comes to things like Shakman, etc.).  I'm working on getting the details.

However, what everyone in the building knows is that there's intense scrutiny
over the skin color and background of top appointees.  Race was rumored
to be an issue when it came to deciding who ran what was once called
New Schools for Chicago -- not technically part of the Board but still.  Talk about who will eventually replace Arne Duncan and it doesn't take long to get to African-American candidates like Hosanna Mahaley.    There is or will almost certainly be pressure to replace Armando Almendarez with a Hispanic or African American. 

More to come. 

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