Questions On My Mind

Questions on my mind, some new some old:

-- Is the hullabaloo surrounding Unity High having any impact on whether Arne Duncan gets tapped for Education Secretary? I'm guessing not, but despite the last-minute withdrawal the proposed school makes for an easy attack on Duncan from the conservative right.

-- Is it clear that a new head for CPS would make much of a difference, given that it's unlikely to be an educator or anyone with independence from City Hall? You could argue that things would get worse for CPS if Duncan left. Key staff would leave, too.

-- How come you don't read much about youth violence in other cities? Do they have less of a gang or crime problem than Chicago, different gun laws, better prevention and enforcement programs, or just cover it less?

-- Isn't the real argument against the current regime at 125 S. Clark Street that they haven't raised achievement or lowered dropout rates enough, not the unilateral and centralized decision-making process that they've relied on? [

Everyone agrees about desirable outcomes. Not everyone agrees about everything else. ]

-- What more would it take to bring Chicago's white, middle-class families back into CPS schools than has already been attempted? It can be done -- New York City schools are 15 percent white, for example. Maybe the economy will help, at least around the edges.

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