Questions About Monday's Contract Voting Process

Today's the big day for Chicago teachers to decide whether the contracted presented to them by their leadership is good enough or not. We'll know more soon, but in the meantime some questions have already arisen about the voting process. 

One delegate wrote in to say:  "I hope I was not the only delegate to read the voting package before
tomorrow. There are some errors in the record sheets. 1. The sign in sheets are from the May Union President elections. This will
include names of retired teachers. Be careful that someone does not vote
for someone who is not present. (Remember that Chicago is famous for people in
the cemetery voting.) 2. This is a big one! The ballots have a yes or no box to check but the
Referendum tally sheets do not. Instead there are three numbers to count
proposition 1, proposition 2, and proposition 3. Why doesn't the sheet have
a blank to count the yes votes and one to tally the no votes? How will the
delegates know which of the three lines is yes and which is the blank for the no

Looking at this problem I must say...Lord help the
teachers tomorrow! ( I see another unfair voting situation like the
one on August 31st on the Horizon.)"

Another reader comments:  "When you get to school to vote,
ask to take a look at you school's list. Notice how many people on the
list (and not marked VOID or crossed out) are no longer at the school.  And if your school is being run by one of those UPC bullies or
myrmidons, ask at the end of the voting to compare the "signatures" on
the sign-in sheet with who actually voted.  That's how you get "votes" in large numbers into the count. And it isn't the first time this problem was noted. It's just
amazing that in the nearly four months since the May 18 election, the
leaders of the Chicago Teachers Union did nothing to get accurate lists
prepared for tomorrow's referendum."

I don't know how serious these issues are, or if they're even accurate, but it's something to know about.


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  • Near South Side Elementary

    51 - NO

    30- Yes

  • Vote Yes-


  • Vote Yes-

    You are hysterical. If I didn't know you personally, I'd almost think you were serious.

    9 - 3, you haven't had a work day that short in I don't know how long...sure, instead of grading papers into the wee hours, you did opt to follow the tried and true "Let my dog shit on the papers" tactic, and you do find a way to prepare lesson plans during your prep time, and I'll never forget the time a student approached you at 3:01, and you rushed passed her and said, "Sorry, skank, I'm off the clock."

    We sure have had some fun times together...Or what about the day you assigned those 7 page research papers, instead of wading through rough drafts, and organizers and sitting with the kids afterschool, you simply graded any paper that was done in Helvetica font with an A, anything done in Courier was a you didn't spend hours reading and grading those you're good.

    And it's true, we do get the summers off...well you do. I live a few blocks from my school, so I'd bump into students all summer long and they'd ask my advice about the highschool they were going to, about personal problems...but man oh man, not you, you spent all summer travelling with that moneybag husband of yours...

    Remember that time you called in sick because your husband gave you a thousand bucks to shop...I'll never forget that e-mail you sent me..."Screw those little bastards," you said, "I'm going to Prada"

    Oh well, I guess my 9 or 10 hour workday with no hope of promotion or acknowledgement or even a cost of living raise seems pretty plebeian to you, but, as always, when you're right, you're right.

  • It's not as far as I can tell...that's why I voted no, told my fellow elementary school teachers to vote no, and have been a vocal opponent since the details were announced

  • 6:56

    My parents love me as a teacher, because I have a personality, because I don't teach their children to be conformist zombies. I would be more frightened if they were taught by somebody who posts incoherent babble like, "view these "rants" of a few reflects on the majority of others and it is not getting anyone anywhere?"


    If you were in front of the class, this sentence would read something like "if front of class you were the..."

    As for you, Vote Yes, like I give a rat's gonad what the tribune would think about this blog. The Trib supported Bush in the last election, so we know how knowledgeable they are. As for my screen name, loserboy, some of us have no problem being self deprecating and having a sense of humor...some teachers are real people, who have real personalities...others are robotic trolls.

    Oh, and one other thing, the Tribune DOES read this much so that an editor posted a rather lengthy letter on the Restructuring Sherman thread....but that's the difference between someone like you "vote yes" who posts only and doesn't actually care about CPS and its students..and me...I'll read all the stories and all the threads.

  • I think about how excited parents are at the end of the summer--their children will finally be out of their hair and out of the house. And that's just 10 weeks...multiply the length by 4, multiply the number of children by 10, or 20, and that is our job everyday.

    So while we may not have much societal capital (I'm a man, btw); I think any parent who believes we don't earn our keep is kidding themselves. I've had parents ask ME what to do with their children, they can't control them anymore.

    Any person who thinks EVERY teacher elementary or secondary isn't worth about six figures is either lying to themselves or they simply are child haters.

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