Questions About Budget Allocations & Parent Contributions

A parent recently sent in this email from the principal at Alcott about the recent budget allocations:

"We again received minimum funding, and our staff allotment was reduced by 1.5 teachers. In order to maintain the same level of staff that we have this year, we need to raise more money than last year to make up the difference. In addition to our newly instituted kindergarten contribution for each student, we will need at least $21,000 more than the $150,000 we raised last year, bringing the total to $171,000 (not including the kindergarten contributions)."

She also noted that she was told that donations were required for anyone who wanted full-day kindergarten -- nearly $2,000.

"How in the world, could one school have to raise close to $250,000 to just be able to run our school status quo? According to our principal this money goes to paying for our teachers and staff. That is it – no bonus things like fixed toilets, paint on peeling walls, etc. Where can I find budget info for our school for the 2008-2009 year?"

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