Question Of The Week: Who Are You?

People always ask who reads District 299, and I always say that I don't really know.  And it's true -- other than a few folks out there who sign their names, it's hard for me to tell.  Who_are_youSo let's see if we can find out -- short of having anyone say what school they're at or what their name is. 

Are you a teacher, parent, nonprofiteer, or administrator?  North side, South side?  Charter, magnet, or neighborhood school?  New to CPS or a long-timer? 


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  • Currently I am an education advocate at Access Living of Chicago. I am a former Corey H. Monitor, former CPS high school teacher at three different schools, and a long time ago member of the Chicago Board of Trade. I hold a Masters in Education, and in political science. I am certified 6-12 in several areas and have a special ed endorsement.

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