Question Of The Week: What's Your Room/Office Look Like?

What's your room look like? Big and airy? Dark and low-ceilinged? Crowded? Quiet?

A friend came up and saw my little cubicle at Columbia the other day -- it's nothing much, just low divider walls, an old computer and a fancy phone -- but it made me realize how little most of us know about each other's workspaces, be they classrooms, kitchen tables, or downtown offices.

So what I want everyone to do is to take a minute and describe where they work -- the classroom, the office, the kitchen table, etc -- with or without names is fine. Just give a few details so we can see what it's like.

For example: I work out of the back bedroom of my apartment in a room that's maybe 10 by 15 with a couple of nice windows out onto a side street. I'm sitting at my grandfather's old glass-topped wooden desk listening to NPR. There are lots of piles of papers and printouts around. There's a big sheet of butcher paper hanging from one wall where I'm trying to outline a big project I'm working on. My cat Tussy is snoring on the futon behind me.

Your turn. What about you?

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