Question Of The Week: Staying, Leaving, Or Switching Schools?

9780273663010By now, many folks have already decided and announced what they're going to do next year -- stay, leave CPS, or switch to another school (or a
nother job within the system). So, what's it gonna be? Which are you doing, and why? 

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  • George, I have been using maps to visualize the information about three teers of schools in Chicago. You can see an example at

    I agree that the problems are systemic and suggest they extend way beyond the problems of CPS. I focus on non-school tutor/mentor programs that connect kids with business volunteers for two reasons

    a) these programs can provide extra adult support that encourages some kids to come to school better prepared to learn. That in itself should be a reason for teachers and former teachers to work to make such programs available in more neighborhoods

    2) they connect people who are not teachers, parents and administrators, and who don't live in poor neighborhoods, with the issues of poor schools in poor neighborhoods. Unless more people become personally involved through the bonds they form with kids and families, we'll never have enough involvement of people beyond the system to improve the way kids prepare for school and the ways school prepares kids for careers.

    For teachers who are not teaching during the summer, or those who have left the profession and hold jobs elsewhere (but still care about the kids), the summer offers a great opportunity for you to work as a group to expand the non-school learning suppport system so that each fall you have more allies as you go into the classroom to teach.

    This requires action and volunteering on your part. But it is self-interested volunteering if it helps you have greater success in your classrooms.

    You can read more about this at

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