Question Of The Week: AIOs To The Exits...Who Will Replace Them?

"Mrs. E" asked in a recent discussion how many AIOs are retiring, and lists six that she says are headed/heading for the exits. I'm thinking that maybe others can fill in, correct, and even name replacements if they are known (or describe the selection process, which seems pretty hush-hush). Departing AIOs (according to Mrs. E): Arthur Slater, Johnetta James, Rollie Jones, Nancy Carter-Hill, Sandra Crosby, and Janice Rosales.  Any others?

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  • AIO's really only have major influence over schools that are on probation and restructing. If a principal is removed from a school for poor performance, or a school is deemed a turnaround school, the AIO does have some say in the replacement Principal. In most other situations, AIOs and their staff (Two reading coaches, one Area LLT, one Math/science coach, MSD, School Improvement Coordinator, Specialized Services Coach and Bi-Lingual coach if needed)has no power beyond suggestion. The only exception being the SIC who has audits and reviews school budgets, not dictating how money is spent, but that appropriate funds are used for appropriate purposes.

  • word walls are expected in high school classrooms as well. and don't forget that learning must be "student centered" and that there must be a rubric for everything.

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