Putting Data On The Wall At Hearst

would you do if your principal put up the results from Learning First
and the Math Benchmark outside your classroom, or had you look at data
to find spikes and gaps that might help you teach differently?
  The story that jumps out at me from this month's Catalyst is this one about Hearst elementary:  "How one Southwest Side
school built a [controversial] data wall, lost half its teachers and is leading the charge to
use data-driven instruction." Click on the link to learn more about Principal Miller and decide for yourself whether this approach being used at Hearst and other parts of the city is worthwhile or too much.



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  • All quotes taken from article:

    "The thing that we

  • I agree with 4:43 that there are many types of data one can look at. Looking only at the testing results...and posting only that sends one very clear message: Teach to the Test.

    In the high school profiles, there are questions about whether students feel work is challenging, about whether students feel supported by teachers. This is all valuable data.

    Similarly, a principal who posts that should feel comfortable having data about him posted in the school. How to teachers feel supported by him? Are they happy with his use of data to drive decisions? Does he choose the right data?

    There is a great deal of important data to use. Don't limit it. Use it all and make sure that the principal has the wall for himself, too.

  • 2:34,

    Do you really believe that test data is the only piece we should use?

    Having sat through numerous "data driven decision making" workshops, no one has any clear idea of what data should be looked at. Some of those workshops have focused on attendance; some have focused the test data you use; some have used quantitative data from parent surveys, teacher surveys, student surveys, etc.

    Data means different things to different people.

    For example, (and, yes, I know I've used this before), if high school GPA is a greater indictor of success in college than standardized test scores, why is all of our emphasis there?

  • Are other principals requiring that teachers post their students' ISAT scores?

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