PURE Parent Involvement Report Finally Released

Espscover_1The long-awaited PURE report on parent involvement is finally out today.  According to the release, it is the largest study of parent involvement in Chicago and "indicate that parents want to be more involved in their childrens education but need more opportunities."  It surveyed 4,320 parents in 92 schools and suggests that "even high school parents, traditionally less active than elementary school parents, want to be more involved, their opportunities for involvement are limited."

Perhaps most substantially , the survey finds that schools that do more complex and meaningful types of parent involvement have high parent satisfaction levels and student achievement. The report also compares parent involvement in 46 CPS Non-traditional schools (including charter schools, contract schools, military schools, and small schools) and regular CPS schools but "found no significant difference in the level of parent involvement in Traditional and Non-traditional schools."

For more information, check out the report on PURE's website.

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  • At the risk of renewing the feeding frenzy, let me ask why an advocacy organization can't do research? Are you claiming that the only legitimate research is done by groups that never take a position on anything?

    PURE did contract with a third party, Dr. Bob Bruno, a researcher and professor from UIC, to help us create and analyze the survey. We also used UIC's Survey Research Lab to do the random sample.

    Please also note that we make no grandiose claims for our findings. This is a baseline study which is most useful in taking a snapshot of the current situation. We hope to build on this study in the future.

  • It is truly sad that some people choose to use this blog (anonymously) to viciously attack the integrity of people and organizations with irrational arguments.

    First we are told that it's an "oxymoron" for advocacy groups to do research, and therefore any research PURE does is by definition worthless. Now we hear that we can't trust any researcher who gets paid for his work since being paid also means that your work should be disregarded.

    The public always has to consider the source of any research or data. Then let the work stand on its merits. At least PURE is making an effort to shed some light on an important area.

  • I found PURE's study to be useful. It shows that schools, traditional or alternative, need to work hard on parent engagement. It's an important issue that won't take care of itself. Small or charter schools are no panacea and many small and charter schools, like many traditional large schools, aren't really interested in parent engagement. They would rather just hang out a shingle, like a new Starbucks, that says, "open for business." Especially, the privately-managed charters tend to view parents strictly as customers or consumers and see the potential power of parents as a competing force. Contracts with parents can be used either as a vehicle for increasing participation and involvement or they can be used to cream, track and sort kids. It all comes down to the school's mission, culture and sense of purpose. Don't forget, a contract requires something of both parties, not just one. I don't happen to like parent contracts or the business model for building relationships. But that's another issue.

    The data is useful. What we do with it depends on us. Why shoot the messenger?

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