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"Welcome to PURE's new blog, PURE Thoughts!  (Pure Thoughts)  "We're
hoping to keep up a pretty regular stream of comments and ideas about
education and the Chicago Public Schools from the perspective of
parents and local school council members. Most of our posts will come
from PURE's executive director, Julie Woestehoff, but we'll add
occasional comments and ideas from other PURE staff, PURE members, and

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  • Reply to the anonymous 10:45 pm who, for some reason, decided to attack me for being "a regular" on the PURE blog (I have my own, don't you know), for being an "out-of-touch activist" (out of touch with what?) and for not supporting support choice which I always have, unless you mean vouchers) and talk to parents (I am a parent and now grandparent of public school kids)-- come out of the closet and discuss your issues openly. I won't hurt you. Alexander Russo, why do you give cover to such anonymous personal attckers?

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