PURE Blasts School Closings & Ren10

Wondered what had happened to PURE?  Well, they're back with a couple of timely reports -- one documenting perceived flaws in the proposed school closings and takeovers announced last week, another raising questions about whether charter really perform as well as claimed. Oh, and there's a protest rally planned for Wednesday. 

The event is as follows:  "Heads up from PURE -- a demonstration is planned for tomorrow, February
at 4:30 pm at City Hall, by 500 community members, parents, teachers and
students who oppose the closing of more schools under the Mayor's
Renaissance 2010 program. The community also plans to hold a town
hall meeting at Collins High School Thursday evening (not sure of the
time). Contacts are Milton Wimberly, 630-374-7743 and Mr. Anderson,

Then there are the two reports:

Of the most immediate interest is the analysis of schools to be closed (The Renaissance 2010 Hoax),
which essentially claims that the receiving schools aren't that much
better than the ones being closed, and that AUSL schools don't perform
well with high poverty high minority children. 

The second report (Renaissance 2010: The Truth behind the Hype)
replaces the comparison of charter schools and neighborhood schools
that CPS has used for several years with a comparison of charters and
nonselective magnets, which PURE says is more appropriate.

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